Fontis Finance

Earn Yield Investing in DeFi Options Strategies

Decentralized Perpetual Vaults for Options Trading Strategies

Fontis finance enables users to earn a yield by depositing assets into perpetual vaults trading options strategies.

Fontis creates products with a perpetual position out of instruments with expiries, enabling users to invest in long term strategies without active management.

Vaults are capped in the total amount that can be deposited to make sure strategies are fulfilled and users can get the best yield.

⛲️Options trading simplified

By depositing in vaults users don’t have to worry about the option trading management (expiries, pricings, liquidity,...) but only receiving the yield.

⛲️Focus on yield

Fontis finds the best deals with market makers to get the higher premiums. The premium will be reinvested into the vault.

⛲️Yield without liquidation

Fontis perpetual strategies allow users to benefit from price movements without liquidation risk.

⛲️Low Gas Fees

Trading gas fees are paid by the vault and distributed by all the users minimizing the cost for the users.


What are options strategies?

Option strategies are the simultaneous, and often mixed, buying or selling of one or more options.
Options strategies allow investors to profit from movements in the underlying assets based on market sentiment.

What are perpetual strategies?

Perpetual strategies are financial positions without expiries built out from financial instruments with expiries (i.e. options).
A perpetual strategy takes out the expiry component to create long term strategies without the need from the user to actively manage the trades.

Is Fontis Secure?

Fontis is built on top of Opyn Gamma Protocol. Learn more about Opyn security. Fontis Finance core smart contracts have been peer reviewed but not formally audited yet. Please use at your own risk.


Making advanced financial services accessible, easy to understand, and perpetual.

Built on

Opyn Option Protocol